How do you pick the best car seat? What’s different about them and what features do you need? These are the questions we ask ourselves throughout the years as our kids are growing. Car seat market in North America is overpopulated and while you might think, why would we need another brand on the market, let me share with you one quote I love, and it should explain it.

“Different is better than better.”

While being different might be enough to get into the market and get noticed, you have to be better to stay on the market. So here is an honest review of the Clek Fllo and Oobr car seats:

(Disclaimer: Clek did provide samples for us, but there was an agreement on the direction of the presented opinion, so this is what we thought about the product.)

I love discovering new brands that are raising up and standing out from the crowds. It gives me hope that they are not affected by the bureaucracy that often ties to big corporations from making innovative changes. Founders of Clek spent many years in the largest automotive suppliers, so they know this industry in and out so all reliability questions can be scratched. You can find all the specs on their website, but I thought I’d jump right into the differentiators:


I am a graphic designer, so you can imagine how important visual appearance of everyday things is to me. Both Fllo and Oobr have a slick, simple design, so it easily stands next to an iPhone 7, Kinfolk Magazine or Tesla Model S and feels totally confident. A wide variety of color/pattern choices adds a cherry on top.

“Our thinking is design thinking. Not only products but also experiences.”


The company invested heavily into the safety of the product. Like any other brand on the market, they had to pass all the same test to be fully approved. As they say on their website, “Parenting comes with compromises. We get that. But we don’t believe you need to compromise when it comes to child passenger safety. Comfort, safety, convenience, and style can coexist without sacrifice. Simple task? Nope. An important one? Absolutely.” The Anti-rebound bar is an incredible feature as well, that is there to improve seat’s stability (rear facing position) during the accident.


Check out how narrow is the car seat, you can easy fit three of them in the same row of basically any sedan!

I wish I had known about this before we got our Ford Explorer and (somehow) squeezed three car seats in the back of our Camry! I wish seats would recline more, as we live about half an hour from the city and kids fall asleep in the car often, but it does have two reclining positions.
Kids are messy. Period. I’ve tried to fix that, but after almost five years and 3+ kids, no luck so far (some improvements, though). Maybe it’s a guy thing, but I hate when the car is dirty, particularly inside. Especially when it’s new. Here is a cool thing I’ve never seen on any other car seat before- spill proof! What? Yup, “don’t believe me, just watch”:



One other feature Clek provides a longer rear facing option. With the weight limit of 16-50 lb in rear facing position and the extended headrest, your child won’t have to switch to the front facing till five years old or so (which is an entirely standard practice in Europe, for example).

In conclusion, I would say that Clek is a reliable brand on the market that provides many features that give parents a peace of mind while allowing little ones to ride in style!