In your life, you come across so many “first time” moments that shape you as a person of quality and experience. Remember your first day at school? Or first time you fell for somebody head over heels? Instances like these make our lives so exhilarating and worth living. One of the most monumental phases in one’s life is the time when one becomes a parent for the very first time. The feeling of looking into your little child’s eyes is absolutely inexplicable and when that child begins to grow up, a lot of responsibilities start to rest on your shoulder one of them being- setting up a routine for your kids. So, here we shall discuss five ways of setting up a healthy bed time routine for your kids that will help them in long term life.


Well, not really, just give them a nice lukewarm bath- Kids love to play with their squeeze-y little yellow duck in a warm tub of water. Give them a nice bath so that their worked up body gets a nice relaxation respite and they get ready to sleep a sound sleep.



Make sure your toddler sleeps early because a good amount of sleep is important for the kid’s growth and development. So teach your kids the motto- “Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”



This particular habit must be inculcated in a child since early days and the children must be taught to brush their teeth twice a day especially before going to bed. Always try to acquaint your budding child with good habits that shall stay forever.
Before making them hit the bed, play with them. Tell them that you love them and they are your priority no matter what. After all what else do children need apart from unconditional love?


One of the most important rituals before bedtime is bedtime reading. One of the most enjoyable by my kids too! Engage your kids on an intellectual level since the beginning and read them short bedtime stories that will make their power of imagination strong and will help them get a sound sleep. [inlinetweet prefix=”null” tweeter=”null” suffix=”null”]Quality time is the best thing you can give to your child![/inlinetweet]



Personally I love massages from my childhood years at sports, so I started giving massage to my kid when he was around 2,5 years old and since then It’s our daily routine almost every evening when I put him to sleep. It gives us an amazing time of bonding. Also gentle nice massage has an emotional benefit. Babies respond to touch from the moment they’re born. Giving a massage will benefit a better blood circulation, stronger immune system, calming and soothing and better sleep.


If you believe in prayer  and practice it yourself, then to teach kids to pray before bad is an important task. Bed time routine is not just a great time to start but also will calm them down and even has positive effect on the brain! It doesn’t have to be complicated and profound, simple thanksgiving and blessing will teach them the foundations and will set their mind in the right peaceful direction.

I hope these routines will be helpful to follow along with your own to be the perfect parent you always aspired to become! What are some of your favorite things to do with kids before bed?