My journey of motherhood started six years ago when my oldest daughter Valerie was born. Becoming a mother has opened a new spectrum of love and joy that I had never experienced before in my life. These feelings overflow my heart to this day. Being a mother it’s not only hard work, but it is also responsibility for the child and the world around us where she will live, create, and raise new generations. Getting an education at school, undoubtedly, has an important role in child development. However, it is equally important to me what they learn at home. Our behavior in ordinary life, our thoughts, words, and actions are what children absorb from the day they are born. It is what, in many respects, forms their future. It is also important to me to understand what my children are most passionate about and develop them in the areas that motivate them the most. And of course, tell and show them that they are loved. So they know, hear and feel that my love is always with them.

I often notice that children are our mirrors. It is possible to see some of our behavioral patterns in our children and if these patterns don’t suit us in the child, first correct them within us. For example, at one point, Valerie was very impatient. She needed everything right away, and if she didn’t get it immediately, she would be very upset crying and demanding what she wanted. I have also noticed a similar tendency in my behavior. I was in many respects impatient with things both at work and in personal life and wanted to see results right away. And only after I have changed myself and became more patient, I began to notice that Valerie has ceased to demand everything right away. It is interesting to notice that by changing and improving ourselves, we positively change our kids and vice versa.

To me, motherhood is a manifestation of the best qualities of an individual. It is unconditional love and an energetic connection that is infinite in its source. I wish you all a happy motherhood!

Tatiana Ivanova