Everybody loves presents. For some, it’s their love language, for some just a sign of attention, but everybody loves presents.

Usually, we hear guys complain about how hard it is to find a gift for their wife, the perfect one or, at least, the one she will not return the next day. I was one of those guys. Still am sometimes, but recently I tried to put myself into women’s shoes and imagine if it’s any easier to get a gift for a husband. What I’ve learned was very surprising.

First, I sat down and tried to write down some of the things I’d like to get for father’s day, but soon realized that new camera, GoPro and family vacation to Mexico does not sound like the usual presents guys want. Plus, those items were pretty costly, so I challenged myself with a task of finding ideas which can be somewhat generic and would cost under 100$. This is what I came up with:

If He Is Outgoing


Whether summer or winter, there are always occasions to get out for a hike. Weekend beach trip or romantic getaway. Statistics show that guys prefer practical gifts that they actually will use (no, socks and shaving cream are not the best options), and a cool backpack can be not only functional but also stylish!

If He Is Classy


This is a classic. For the most part, it’s hard to go wrong with it. A watch is a vital accessory which can compliment and even complete an outfit. My recent favorites are clean, classic and modern Hodina watch. I have the original V-Watch series with brown strap and a Modrona black on black, which goes with most of my outfits! To keep all items on the list under $100, use promo code “Lex” for $20 off!

“Everybody loves presents. For some, it’s their love language, for some just a sign of attention.”

If He Is Talented

Grilling accessories are in the top 10 gifts dad’s getting in America every year. I got into grilling just a few years ago and totally see how it’s a good option, but if you want to take it to the next level, surprise him with Sushi Bazooka. If he is into cooking or up for trying something new, I’m sure he will find it more interesting then some BBQ set. 

If He Is Hairy

dp-blog-fathers-day-gift-003In the last few years, beards went from an attribute of the lumberjacks to an incredibly popular trend all over the world. While for women, it might not be the most exciting part of a guy’s face, the best thing you can do is to help him to take care of it with an Essential Facial Hair Care Set. You also might get some browny points if you compliment how his beard looks after he uses it.

If He Is Funny


(This will apply if you have kids) I am a big advocate of parenting and evangelist of an important role of the father in kids’ development, but I also understand that guys work hard all day and sometimes there’s just no strength left to play with your children when you come home.

Imagine this: he comes home super tired after a stressful, long, unproductive day at work. Gives you and kids a hug, put’s this t-shirt on and crashes on the living room floor and.. instead begging him to play, kids get excited, bring their cars and start playing.. right on him! Quality time together! Well, almost..


I added this gift idea last minute after we came from a grocery shopping one evening. With a family of 5, there are A LOT of bags I have to transfer from a car into the house. While I try to involve kids to be a part of it, sometimes that’s how I feel in the end:


Remember, it’s the simple things in life that make a big difference 😉 Besides all the gifts, just make sure your husband feels loved and respected!

I hope those were helpful, and I’d love to hear what you think! Especially if you use something from the list, let me know what his reaction was!