Baby Room Design was one of the hottest search requests last year on Pinterest. Every parent wants to make their baby room look exactly like their precious child – perfect! It is known that the first few months of life, newborns spend most of their time sleeping, so a bassinet becomes not just a center design piece of the room, but the most used furniture element. In today’s review, we will talk about some very stylish and unique hanging baby crib by Kindekeklein.

With our first two kids we had the classic bassinet so that when our third child was on its way, my wife convinced me to get this unusual hanging one. After having it for over 4 month now, here are my thoughts about it:


Design: I’m pretty picky when it comes to furniture such as the design elements and certain objects which will occupy the house for a while, so you could imagine that the look of the crib was very important to me. Kindekeklein is a company from the Netherland and also a European company that’s clean with modern design!


Safety: One of my main concerns was safety of the baby, and the fact that the bassinet is hanging instead of standing made me worry quite a bit. While assembling, I made sure I was screwing it into the beam and that all the knots were very tight. After it was complete, it actually felt a lot safer than any standing version. The bassinet is very hard to flip or be turned upside down, which was one of the safety thoughts I had in mind having two other young kinds I also really liked that all the materials were heavy duty for extra safety.

Quality: The Company states that, “The suspended cradle is made of 100% organic cotton, unvarnished wood, and jute. Pure and honest ingredients you would wish for every child.” They kept their words as each part of the bassinet feels very high quality, which surely will pay off in the long run compared to cheaper plastic competitors.

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Practicality: Here I can agree with another statement from the company, “Because the cradle can swing and bounce simultaneously, your baby will fall asleep very easily. The springy swinging closely resembles the feeling of sleeping in the womb. Especially at night, when your baby is suddenly awakened, the soft bouncing of the cradle will help your baby fall back asleep in no time at all.”


Price: The starting price of this bassinet is $228.34 but with shipping, wooden stand (If you want a wooden stand instead of making a hole in your ceiling) and canopy it is over $500. I am not sure if it is fair to compare this product to the average bassinets that you can get in the store, but they are somewhere between $29.99 to $299.99

Face Direction: One of the only things which made me frustrated sometimes was the way it turned in slight angles sometimes. There are no hard fixing elements which would keep it in one place. It’s hanging, so how the hooks are positioned will have an effect on the string, which will determine the face direction of the bassinet.

Assembly: I didn’t find it hard to put together while installing, but I did have several years of experience in construction that developed into some great handy skills to help me set it all up. Keep in mind that some basic handy man skills will be needed.


Overall I really like this bassinet and would totally purchase it again and recommend it to others. It will make a great sleeping place for your precious baby as well as adding a modern touch to the room itself. I hope this review was helpful and would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section bellow!