//guest post by Kate Morgan //

When you are about to have your first baby, you are lost on a lot of things. The same was the case with me. I was excited, nervous, happy and fearful at the same time. Overwhelmed with all these emotions, I was anxiously waiting for my baby to arrive. Knowing that a baby girl is soon going to make my life joyous, I was keenly shopping for her clothes and everything else.
While I was collecting all the essential items, my best friend gifted me with the Silver Beanie and Blanket Set. Mauve in color, it was perfect for my baby girl. I was already concerned about the fact that how I will cover my little one while leaving the hospital but this product served the purpose perfectly. I was ecstatic that I found something so useful for my baby girl.

White Beanie & Blanket SetThe set was perfect for all kind of weather conditions, so I ended up using it all the time when I was moving about with my little one. The blanket saved it from all kind of external dangers, and the baby enjoyed being in it is as well because it was soft and comfortable. The wondrous part was that the quality was so high that it lasted for a really long period of time.
It is very reasonably priced at $65 but the emotional value attached to this was immense because it was a gift for someone special and the feeling I experienced while holding my first daughter in it was unexplainable.

Jacqueline & Jac

There are two other colors in it: white and silver. Both the colors are neutral in nature and perfect for any gender. There is no denying the fact that the extreme comfort which comes with this product is unmatchable. The tenderness is so soothing that it almost matches the skin of the baby.
One of the best things about this product is that it comes in a fine box packing which makes it ideal to give as a gift. I still remember when my friend gave this one to me, I loved the packing as much as I loved the product itself.
The thing to keep in mind with this one is that it should only be hand washed and lay flat to dry. I recommend it to all the other mom-to-be’s as well because it is very useful. Once you get it, you’ll realize you’ve got something great for your new one and will definitely make other people buy it too. At such an affordable price, this product is a must-have for the new member of the family.