Every man in the world has to face hard questions every day. Some are work related; some are finance related, some are family related. These questions are the standard expectations for most adult men. But there is one question that strikes fear into the heart of even the strongest of men, what present to buy their wife? Whether the event is a birthday, Valentine’s Day or special Anniversary, the struggle is very real for most men.  This is not (most of the time) because of the lack of man’s intellect or desire to find the best thing to surprise her with. The reason is simple: God made us different. Quite simply, men think differently than women. Without getting into the biological, sociological or theological debates, we over at

Disclaimer: I know there are many women will come across this article and if you think there is some truth in this article or you’d like to share this article with your spouse, click one of the social sharing links at the bottom of the article 🙌

DailyParenting decided to go to the root of the problem and ask women, “what is the perfect gift from the man in your life?” To make it easy I spent several weeks researching possible directions and came up with this logic-based survey. Here is a visual infographic to show basic results breakdown:

Now, guys, I know this may all be overwhelming at first, but stick with me. As you know, “quality time” is a very popular love language amongst women. Furthermore, “memorable activity” could technically mean anything, but from my research and own experience, I chose the following options to present: “horseback riding,” “skydiving,” “airplane ride” or “bungee jumping.” And finally, “relaxing evening together” which for guys is pretty straight forward, but, for women, was diversified into “carefree night in” (just two of you), “romantic restaurant” or “walk in the park.”

Gentlemen, here are the results! First let me say that majority of the surveyed were between the age of 20 and 40, living in USA (66.7%), Europe (15.7%) or other countries, and were married for 2 to 10 years with 1 to 3 kids. As you may figure out by the title, what we discovered did not line up with reality for the most part. First, based on the public surveys, the most popular gifts for women are flowers and jewelry – both of which were in the “physical gift” category in our survey. What if I tell you, that this group, in general, got only 25.4%! That means that 3 out of 4 women would prefer something else!

Experiences! Women like experiences. I recently heard the quote that “women learn by listening and talking, while the man by watching and doing.” “Watching and doing” probably means watching TV and doing something in the garage, because it would be fair to say that women plan most of the trips and vacations that modern families embark upon. This should have given us a clue.. but it didn’t. Here are just a few stats on the options women chose during the survey:

Type of the Experience?

  • Getaway – 77.3%
  • Memorable Activity – 15.9%
  • Relaxing Evening Together – 6.8%

Any ideas why women want to “getaway” so much? Well, besides being a primary caregiver, housekeeper, nurse, cook, teacher and many more job responsibilities, women spend most of the time inside the four walls of the house, there are probably not many other reasons). The ladies long to escape the normal existence and do something memorable!  Significant activities are also great opportunities for bonding (skydiving or bungee jumping are the perfect examples) as well as something your spouse just dreams of (like my wife and horseback riding, which we did on a recent anniversary trip).

Two top choices become pretty apparent as you take a look at each: All inclusive hotel means she doesn’t cook, clean or do any laundry, she is treated like a queen. If she longs for a mountain cabin, she seeks separation from the routine and longs for the calm and peaceful time far from civilization and tasks that come with it. Praise God companies like AirBnB make it very easy to make it happen on the budget but in style.

In conclusion, here is my little censure advice to all the husbands: GET OUT! Just for few days, somewhere in the mountains or where everything is included. Take your wife for a refreshing recharging getaway just for two of you! You won’t believe how positive it will affect your marriage. 


Here are few ideas if you are on the budget or want to make a small but remarkable gift you better half will appreciate:

Essential Oils

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Dinner Meals Subscription

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