My son is about to turn four in a few weeks and during our walk one evening,  I looked at him and realized that very soon I’ll need to take the training wheels off of his bike and teach him to ride on two wheels. For the most part, this thought brought me the joy of making memories and stepping over another milestone together. On the other note, I was not looking forward to the struggle of teaching him balance and catching him from falling.

Many parents did go through the similar thing or will in the very near future, but what if I’d tell you that there is an alternative? You probably saw those kids’ low seating three wheelers, but the new version was introduced to the market in New Zealand, it’s called “Drift Trike.” Instead of explaining what it is and how it works, watch how two French boys are drifting around town:

But hey dads, don’t get jealous! I know it looks fun, and you can imagine yourself impressing neighbors with your drifting skills, but wait until I show you something even cooler! “What can be cooler than drifting in the three wheelers?” you ask, how about a Motorized Drift Trike? Check this out:

If you liked it, share with your friends, stay safe on the road and happy drifting!