That moment when you dress your kid in a super cute outfit and proudly bringing to a public event and BAM! There is another kid in the same outfit! You have two options at this point: a) go home and get a new outfit or b) laugh it off and pretend like its not a big deal, BUT inside it will bother you all evening.

I’m merely joking, of course, but only partially. We should always teach kids to focus on inner personality and character, rather than outer appearance, but the way a person dresses can say a lot about them. I am no fashion expert here, but as a graphic designer I always was interested in clothing and style, so here is my recent list of great kids’ appeal brands which you won’t find in the mall:



Joined effort of Sarah and Makel, who both had separate clothing brands before, resulted in a perfectly balanced team with an amazing line of kids’ apparel. Fin and Vince stand out for it’s simplicity and hand-drawn illustrations. Nothing unnecessary. Clean, minimal and very stylish. Have to mention also that it’s 100% US designed  and made with only 100% organic cotton! p.s. stylistically the website and instagram feed of Fin and Vince is absolutely gorgeous! 

Price: $26–72   |   Sizes: 0 – 7 years

OMAMI Miniomamimini-01

I first came across Omami Mini’s clothing on Instagram and screenshot a lot  of their images because they all were super stylish and comfortable. Style lays right in between classic simplicity and edgy modern cuts. If you take a vest, it’s uniquely shifted to add the perfect touch to child’s personality. Every item is very well designed and detailed. My kids love wearing it, and oldest would want to wear it every Sunday!

Price: $19–78   |   Sizes: 1–8 years



Before I moved to America, my dream was to live in England. I don’t know why. Maybe because I am a big fan of Manchester United or because they teach British English in Russian. Carmel is an illustration what my kids would be wearing if my old dream became real! It is a true London brand with authentic British tones and styles. I am almost convinced that if you put it on your kids, they will be well behaved, talk very proper, eat oatmeal for breakfast and drink tea at 5 pm!

Price: $27–84   |   Sizes: 3 month – 8 years

RAGS to RACHESragstoraches-01

My wife and I had never been into tv shows, except two: fixer upper & shark tank (correction: my wife insisted I’d mention we watched all the seasons Gilmore Girls ). Shark Tank was the place where I saw Rachael from Rags to Raches for the first time. Her story was so encouraging: starting from scratch and growing a multi-million business mostly though Instagram! Original rompers are super fun and a comfortable way for your baby to run around while still looking cool! Right now their line extended to kids & adults’ t-shirts.

Price: $23–39   |   Sizes: 3 month – 6 years (12 for t-shirts)


Going back to Europe: this time to France- the original location of the Jodi. Being a true French native, this brand has very elegant, soft and authentic clothing. Nothing is screaming at you, patterns are neutral and elegant, reflecting the slow path of European life. All products are conveniently separated into Baby, Boys & Girls and Mademoiselle (clever), which makes it easy to find a perfect outfit for your baby.

Price: $26–72   |   Sizes: 0 – 14 years

ELIAS and GRACEeliasandgrace-01

Elias and Grace are probably the closest to a big brand from this list because since launching in 2005 they grew into the luxury children’s wear brand. They have a big product line in wide variety of styles, while still providing cool exclusive styles and designs. Seasonally, they collaborate with over fifty of the worlds most covetable and unique designer brands to keep fresh items coming.

Price: $19–65   |   Sizes: 0–16 years

TINY COTTONStinycottons-01

Only after I made a final list of my top hot brands, I realized that three out of 8 are Europe-based! TinyCottons is a Spanish brand from Barcelona, which quickly became well known in the kids fashion world as a brand with unique designs and outstanding quality. A variety of designs, styles, and comprehensive product line keeps the same vibe and style across all collections. Because I was a fan since the first time I saw it and as a designer, I appreciate their work and thought that were put into it!

Price: $20–74   |   Sizes: 0 – 8 years


Fashion says “Me Too” Style says “Me Only”

QUINN and FOXquinnandfox-01

C-O-L-O-R! Bold, bright and loud, that’s the first thing comes to your mind when you see quinnandfox clothes. My closet consists primarily black, white, gray and blue, so when it comes to kids, I try not to apply my preferences only but consider that they learn about this world through the things they see around. Back in my designer days, I’ve read many studies on how color affects human emotions, so the crew behind Quinn and Fox are definitely on the right track!

Price: $29–75   |   Sizes: 0 – 11 years