“Technology and kids” is a very hot topic in our days and no matter what your stand on it is, we all agree that it’s merely impossible to imagine our lives without digital products. While some are simply useless,  many day-to-day problems are solved with tech toys! Here are some of the items (organized by price) I highly recommend to parents or soon to be parents:

Infant Pacifier Thermometer

Infant Pacifier Thermometer

Price: $6

Whoever came up with the idea of combining the most common item most new babies use pacifier, and one thing parents need to but hate doing- measuring a child’s temperature, is a genius! And with that price tag, it’s a must have!



Price: $21

Nothing can be more frustrating than running late to your baby’s checkup meeting and not being able to find your keys or phone. Can relate to this? If they write songs about a problem, you know it’s pretty common. Here is a life saver! A small simple Bluetooth device that will communicate through an app and rings to find any object you will put it on! It works both ways too: double tap on the tile itself and your phone will start ringing too!


4moms Spout Cover

Price: $28

Ever spent 10 minutes just to get the temperature of the bath water right? And still wasn’t sure if it’s too hot or too cold? This thing will make it very easy: put it on, turn it on and let your kids enjoy perfectly warm water 🛁


Baby Shusher

Price: $33

No one likes when babies cry! Even babies don’t like when they cry. So when there is something that aims to help them sleep better- I’m on it! Based on the website, it is a doctor-approved and thoroughly tested technique designed to break a baby’s cry spell and engage their natural calming reflex” aka perfect shushing sound machine that works!


iiamo Go Baby Bottle

Price:  $35

We have three kids all 4 and under so now as we are expecting our baby number 4, I thought we knew of everything that’s out there. For my surprise, iiamo took a regular baby bottle and came up with an innovative way for it to warm itself- I was quite impressed! We have ours and can’t wait to test it out as soon as baby 


Boon Glow Night Light

Price:  $40

This one is not as much for parents as much for kids, but parents benefit big time! Noon glow is a stylish combination of the night stand and the flashlight. My kids love it so much I had to make a schedule who keeps it at night so they wouldn’t fight! Great nightstand and stylish flashlight all in one! We own other items from the Boon! brand (like SOAK 3 Stage Bathtub and CARE kit) and the quality is just outstanding 🙌


Goby Toothbrush

Price:  $50-65

We shared about Playbrush for kids before and Goby is the hottest brand when it comes to taking care of teeth for adults. The design is slick, the brand is on point and prices are very conservative. Check them out for yourself, because no baby wants to smell bad breath 😂



Price:  $149

Another item that is technically for kids but I see it as a tool that gives me peace of mind. I was searching for a GPS tracker to my kids for a while. Even before they are in school, there are many activities my two oldest are doing every week that having a way to know where they are AND being able to communicate with them is awesome. The concept is simple- put it on your child’s arm and you get an updated location on your phone but what’s great about TiniTell is an actual phone! Say what? Yup! And no it’s not too early for kids to have a phone. I am a strong believer that kids don’t need a smartphone till late teen years but being able to talk to my child when I am away is great!

warning: first few times after my kids got theirs, I received tons of just checking” and hi dad! bye” calls 😂

Monthly service is only about $6-12/month (I pay 15 for two lines) depending on the provider and usage. I use service called Ting currently and don’t have any complains so far!


GB Pockit stroller

Price:  $179

The stroller is a necessity that every parent needs for the first several years of child’s life. Grocery shopping walks, travel it always goes with us and that is why I specifically wanted to highlight GB Pockit Stroller. It’s extremely small (still holds the world record for being the smallest in the world), compact and very durable!



Price:  $299+

As a dad who doesn’t work at home much, home security gives me a peace of mind that everything well with my family back at home. While there are a lot of home security companies but from my research, SimplySafe is the easiest to install, work with and it is also one of the most affordable one too!

https://simplisafe.com (*if you want to get 10% off let me know and I will hook you up 😉

iRobot Vacuum Cleaner

Price:  $324+

Last but not least is the robot technology that is designed to make the life of any parent much easier! I got one as a present few years ago and couldn’t be happier! As the main user of a vacuum cleaner in our house, I bought a Dyson vacuum many years ago. Comparison of those two deserves a separate blog post but I can tell you for a fact that, while both are worth having, iRobot is used on a consistent basis around here. When it comes to regular daily cleanings, it does the job very well and lets you spend more time with your family!