//guest post by Katie Gallagher//

As a mom of two, I can say this product is a must-have! I received my OVer as a gift at my baby shower. Although we didn’t know the sex of our baby, the over was gender neutral and fashionably chic. We ended up having a boy and our black and white striped OVer was perfect and can be used again for a boy or girl. With my first baby, I had a separate car seat cover, breastfeeding cover, and shopping cart cover. It was so hard keeping track of everything and as a new mom, I was more than a little frazzled. Now that I’m a mom of two boys, life is crazier than ever, and this multifunctional product has been a life saver!


I can’t count the number of times I left the house without my shopping cart cover. Once my oldest could finally sit up, it was nice to get him out of his car seat and into the cart while grocery shopping. Not only did I often forget my shopping cart cover at home, but when I did remember it, it never stayed in place and frequently fell off the sides of the cart—which kind of defeated the purpose. My OVer is always on hand because it is so versatile, and the stretchy fabric stays in place and provides a barrier between my little guy and the shopping cart.


 The OVer is also a unique breastfeeding cover because it is wearable. I have tried several nursing covers in the past, and none of them stayed in place long enough to get through a feeding. With the OVer’s 360 design, it covers all the areas other breastfeeding covers exposed. The stretchy, breathable fabric is perfect for a new baby and allows for movement without the cover slipping out of place. 

Last but definitely not least, the OVer can also be used as a car seat cover. I normally take my car seat everywhere with me for at least the first six months and having a lightweight, stretchable car seat cover is so important. I have tried other car seat covers that were heavy and difficult to take off for washing. This product is easily removable and takes just seconds to convert into a breastfeeding cover or shopping cart cover—it is so easy to use.


Not only is the OVer hand made in Canada, but the price point is ideal for new parents. Each OVer costs $50 Canadian—a little over $38 American which is a great buy considering it is three products in one. The OVer comes in a variety of colors and patterns from masculine to feminine and even some trendy gender-neutral options. The material is stretchy, lightweight, and easily washed. I would definitely recommend the OVer to all new parents whether they’re getting ready to welcome their first or fifth baby—and I guarantee it’s nothing they’ve seen before. In fact, I will be getting one for my sister-in-law this fall before her new baby arrives and I know she will be awed.